Architects Studio

Established in 2012, Geveshi Architects Studio is a vanguard in architectural innovation, dedicated to harmonizing nature within the built environment. Our design ethos, grounded in Biophilic principles, seamlessly integrates natural elements—be it the verdant embrace of plants, the play of sunlight and shadows, or the embodiment of sustainable materials. In navigating the unique challenges of the Maldives, we redefine limitations, sculpting spaces that merge aesthetics with the intrinsic beauty of the natural world.


Of Experiences

Best Features.


Specializing in transformative architectural solutions and design excellence.

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Interior Design

Interior design excellence, harmonizing aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

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3D Modeling

Skillfully bringing visions to life with creativity for visually captivating experiences.

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Revolutionizing concepts into stunning reality with rendering expertise and precision.

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Creative Team.

Mr. Ibrahim Niyas
Managing Director | Co-Founder

Bringing over 19 years of expertise, an Architect, and Building Construction Specialist, blending Project Management and Construction proficiency into impactful architecture.

Mr. Yoosuf Shan
Co-Founder | Director

Pioneering in Sensing Architecture & Biophilic Design at Geveshi Architects Studio, merging over 17 years of experience in design, psychology & architecture.